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Conversation Circle Resources

Note:This page is always under development and change more books & resources can be found in the client area of the website. 

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Tools: (on this site)

Flash Movie on Conversations Circles

Conversation Circle Flash Movie


Website Links:

- circles
- coaching
- leadership
- cafes

circles: ~ History, theory, application and resources for conversation circles. Flash Movie.

Conversation Circle Movie ~ 10minute flash movie about conversation and the use of the conversation circle to thinktogether.

Margaret Wheatley Meg Wheatley has been a major supporter of life affirming leadership through conversation circle. Meg has written several books with the latest being Turning to One Another which is a simple and amazingly powerful book on how to create the circle (see review). She is best known for her work Leadership and the New Science and A Simpler Way.

Heartland Institute – The Art of Convening Teleclasses and founders of the Thought Leader Gathering (see below) - Twin Cities -

Turning To One Another This is the website for Meg Wheatley's book by the same name and has several resources and links

PeerSpirit - Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, co-founders of PeerSpirit,

Conversation Initiatives around the world

Coaching: ~ Using the conversation circle to bring seasoned coaches together in community to strengthen the larger coaching community.

Thought Leader Gathering, Minneapolis / St. Paul & San Francisco Bay Area. Member based "Community of Practice for Thought Leaders". A powerful gathering of people and ideas.

Berkana Institute - This is the organization that Meg Wheatley and followers formed to support the Life Affirming Leadership

From The Four Directions ~ spinoff from Berkana to work with and support Life Affirming Leadership conversations



Peer Spirit's: A Basic Guide to Hosting:

Simple Steps on How to Start a Conversation (From Margaret Wheatley’ Turning To One Another)

Additional Guidelines

Conversation Starters for DANC/BFAC
- Vocation To Be Fully Human
- Friendship?


Conversation Cafes:

Conversation Café

The World Café



Turning to One AnotherTurning To One Another: Simple Conversations To Restore Hope To The Future by Margaret J. Wheatley
Want to start having real conversations with people?- get this book!
Here are some questions, conversation starters, and beliefs that Wheatley offers that resonated deeply with me and I hope you as well:

"Are you becoming someone you respect?"
"Do you feel a vocation to be fully human?"
"The cure for dispair is not hope. It's discovering (and conversing about) what we want to do about something we care about."

Salons: The Joy of Conversation by Utne ReaderSalons: The Joy of Conversation

- Utne Reader Editors and Jaida N'Ha Sandra, Jon Spayde


Calling the Circle: The First and Future Culture by Christa BaldwinCalling the Circle: The First and Future Culture

Christina Baldwin. Christina is probably the formost expert on peer circles.

From The Four Directions Conversation Starter Kit - Berkana Institute -



Six Thinking Hats:by Edward De Bono; 173pages - I read a chapter per workout on the stairmaster -seemed to work out just fine.

De Bono resets the way meetings function to communicate information, brainstorm and create new ideas. It has been nearly 15 years since it was first published. The revised edition brings in real world examples of this work with phenomenal success. Using this method he shows how what would have been a frustrating four hour meeting can be reduced to 45 minutes with impact and intention.
For more of the review check out Living Intentionally Vol1No4



Working Intentionally Logo: Leader as host; Power of a conversation circle; Knowledge management and expansion More to come . . .

Working Intentionally Logo: Leader as host; Power of a conversation circle; Knowledge management and expansion

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