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Life Leadership Coaching

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Life Leadership Coaching



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Life Leadership Coaching

Who | What | How


We coach
people who lead people
Executives / Businesses / Experienced Coaches
to Lead from Soul, Go Deeper & re-engage Play


  • Lone wolf executives who have lost their way
  • Externally successful executives who feel adrift and disconnected from their soul
  • Executives who have read all the books and nothing has changed
  • Business owners who need to lead through a transition but don't know how
  • Business owners who have grown their business to a certain point and don't know how to get out of their own way
  • Seasoned Coaches who want to Go Deeper
  • Seasoned Coaches who feel trapped by the work and want to play like a puppy and work from soul

Who | What | How


is not:

'Why you are so infrequently the person you
want to be?

The Question is
'Why do you
so infrequently
want to be the person you
really are?

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer
(The Dance


Life Leadership Coaching

WorkingIntentionally turns peoples understanding of leadership upside down. We partner with clients to Generate Awareness and Create Possibility and Opportunities which result in them being able to

  • WorkIntentionally™
  • LiveIntentionally™
  • Lead People Effortlessly
  • Lead From Soul and Integrity
  • Have Business Be Fun Again

Life Leadership Coaching- Helps To:

  • Create Awareness And Spawn Curiosity
  • Discover New Options And Opportunities
  • Rediscover Passion For Business
  • Lead From Soul
  • Achieve More Balance In Life
  • Simplify And Prioritize
  • Find More Time, Money, Energy, and Fun


"Teachers, trainers and consultants
show you HOW
to DO things to become successful. Coaches show you WHO to BE...."

~John Milton Fogg




As Your Coach, we do this by:

  • Partnering With You
  • Co-Creating the Learning Relationship
  • Providing a Space For Expansive Thinking
  • Exploring How Life Is In Relationship
  • Engaging Your Lifeforce
  • Playing As Curiosity and State of Mind
  • Intentionally Discovering Who You Are
  • Asking Powerful Questions That Make You Think
  • Challenging & Holding You Accountable To Yourself
  • Celebrating Your Expanded Knowledge Experiences
  • Celebrating Life

My life coach will be a personal trainer, a teacher and a therapist all rolled into one, someone whose prime goal on this planet is to teach me tricks of mind and muscle and play through pain, someone who'll water the fields of my possibilities with expectation, consolation, congratulation, faith.  My life coach will see promis where others see a drearily blank slate.  My life coach will invest in me as if I'm a hot new stock.  My life coach will drill into my unrealized potential and extract a pot of gold - Mary Schmich, Chicago Tribune, February 18th 19998




Change Begins With Conversation

Let's start the conversation?

Go Deeper And Begin
& LeadingIntentionally

WorkingIntentionallyWorking from soul - Aligning the work that needs to be done in a way that honors your soul.

LeadingIntentionallyLeading from soul – leading in a way that respects the lifeforce of yourself as well as those that you lead. Go Deeper

Go Deeper
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