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Executive Coaching

"If you're not getting better, your're falling behind. To elevate your game, find the personal coach with the right strategy and style for you." ~Fast Company - Image © 2002-2004 WorkingIntentionally™

  • Is your company changing? Are you changing?
  • Work/Home life out of balance?
  • Do you need a place to expand, clarify, define, and act?
  • Is your own vision aligned with your company’s?
  • Does life seem like the old V-8® commercials—tilted to the left?
  • Are you surrounded by Yes-People?
  • Do you need a strong sounding board?
  • Are you in a career of choice?
  • Do you communicate effortlessly with your board of directors / executive team / employees at large?

It is time then, to hire an executive coach.

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"If you are
asking yourself
"Why am I
doing this?
and really want
to explore
the answer
what to do
about it
Matthew is
a great coach
to have the

L.G. California


What does leadership coaching provide?

One-on-one coaching for C-Suite executives, business owners, senior executives, executives being groomed, sales people and independent professionals:

  • Discover the process of opportunity development
  • Enhance organizational performance, development and communications
  • Alignment with your soul BE-SAY-DO
  • Increase your value to yourself and to your organization
  • Walk the talk (and how to deal with those who don't)
  • Deal with difficult people and situations
  • Have a sounding board
  • Have a safe and secure place to be heard and expand into new ideas and experiences.
  • Have a reserve of time, energy and money
  • Experience fulfillment and success
  • And much more.

Intriqued? Let's Talk!

what you
you are

Do I really need a coach?

Tired of watching less talented people outperform you?

Have you taken all of your company's training but haven't seen bottom line results?

Are you already doing well and want to do better and you want this next year to be your personal best?


Lets work together to get you there!



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