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What do you think?

We are going to share with you one of the most ordinary, yet profound secrets to getting to the root and solving most most of the problems you face in the world today.




Which Wolf
Do You Feed?



Almost there


is what
you we
attention to"

~Lu tzu

What you think IS reality

or put another way

Thought IS Reality


Not quite what you expected right?


Go Deeper

Well, let's Go Deeper -

We’ve all heard the statement – Thought makes reality

Some believe in this statement others don’t.

I think that the problem people have with it is the word makes.

Well lets tweak this a bit.

Reality is a perceptionright?
Perceptions are thoughts – ok.
Reality is therefore a thought

Standard deductive reasoning. If A=B, B=C then A=C


Ever change
a thought?

When was the
last time you
changed a
deeply held

– How did your
of the world

So what does this have to do with
Thought IS reality
besides just flipping the equation around?

because Thought is at the base of the human experience.

Thought drives the the other functions of life Perceptions, Feelings, & Behaviors which result in, well, Results.

When we say Thought - we are not talking about the act of process thinking. We are talking about what comes before that act of process thinking creating Perceptions, Feeling, Behaviors, and Results.

When people try to change results they usually start with trying to effect one of those other functions.

Therapy often addresses the feelings in order to change the behaviors. Consutants often try to modify the behaviors. Most coaches work on the perceptions.

This is all fine and dandy and any of these approaches work well to change the results. However, do you want a quicker, more authentic, and more powerful way to change those results?

Choose the Thought that feed these functions.

Thought comes from two sources. In this logic and reason centered world we have put a heavy burden on the source that we might call ego, stored knowledge, or life stories. These thoughts tend to go deep and unfold into stories, reasons, exceptions. These thoughts can fool us and house our gremlins.

There is however a second source of Thought that is with us always - that of lifeforce, the source of our natural health - ever creating, ever expanding, ever connected to that which greater. This is a pure Thought. Your lifeforce has no alterior motive.

Every day all day we get messages or Thoughts from these two sources. And every single moment of the day we make a choice as to which Thought we are going accept and which we will reject.

We choose. - granted most of us are not even aware of this process or choice - So lets work on your Awareness.

Which Thoughts are YOU listening to?

Coaching is a process of inquiry and learning. The inquiry and reflection on the inquiry builds awareness. Together we explore, expand our understanding of the world and how we see it. By understanding what you are thinking, and the process of Thought as human function we can move into action around what matters most.

Want to learn more?

Want to be at choice?




If you are intrigued Let's Talk and begin LivingIntentionally™ & WorkingIntentionally



Go Deeper

Let's Go!

CoachingIntentionallyCoaching from within – Coaching from a place where the lifeforces interact and reveal themselves to the client.


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