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Leadership is not about leadership.

Leadership is about followership.

Who is going to follow you and why?

This is one of those simple things about leadership that we've made complicated. We have become so concerned about image rather than substance. We have twisted this to mean mold the "leader" in a way to attract the most number of people even though the "leader" is out of integrity in doing so. Followership would be an alignment of both substance and image and soul..

Alignment, Natural Leaders, & Followership

Followership is an issue of alignment. For the leader it is is an alignment with themself, the followers and with reality.

An alignment of:

  • What you believe
  • What you say about what you believe
  • Acting on what you believe
  • Doing what you say


This alignment ultimately makes up who you are.

People see it, people know it, people sense it. Because it is real.

When all these elements are in alignment you are a leader, a natural leader. Or to put it in terms of this discussion you are a magnet for followers.

Think about it.

Who do we most admire and want to be around? Who do we want to or are willing to follow?

We want to follow people of integrity and people in alignment.

We all know when people are out of alignment. Do we want to follow them?


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Working Intentionally Logo: Leader as host; Power of a conversation circle; Knowledge management and expansion

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