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Leader As Host

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Leader As Host

What is a host?

How would you describe a good host?

How do good hosts make you feel?

What makes a good host?

How do guests respond to good hosts?

Leader as host is a new way of leading. New ways of leading can accomplish new things and solve new problems. Leader as host can access a corporation’s, communities, business', team's greatest resource opportunity - their people.

Leader as host is an example of new consciousness level leadership. Today's problems can not be solved by past ways of thinking, leadership, and consciousness. As Albert Einstein said, "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them."


Leader As Host:

Leader As Host is a radical departure from the classic Leader As Hero philosophy. In the leader as hero model - the leader is everything and it is all about the leader and his/her ego.

In leader as host model it is not about the leader at all. In fact it is about those around him or her. The leader as host creates the space for others to expand, shine, contribute, to feel safe, learn, and think together.

The best example of leader as host in action is the conversation circle. Where each individual participates and contributes to the whole and no one person dominates. As such the group's knowledge expands rapidly.




What does it take to be a leader as host?

To hold the invitation
To step into the unknown
To acknowledge others


Leader as
Host creates
the space
for people
to be



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Working Intentionally Logo: Leader as host; Power of a conversation circle; Knowledge management and expansion

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