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LivingIntentionally™ Model© Element: Intimacy / Ultimacy

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LivingIntentionally™ Model© Element: Intimacy / Ultimacy

Intimate & Ultimate Relationships
Connecting and engaging that which is intimate with that which is ultimate. Be in relationship.

What is the relationship that you have with the world and the universe and everything?

Life is both intimate and ultimate. It is both grand and miniscule. Intimacy and Ultimacy refers to the dichotomy of living life in relationships with oneself or with another and the relation we have with everything larger than ourselves. Our connection to the light-within or to god is very powerful and ultimate at the same time it is intimate and personal.



Ultimate things: Community,
nature, god,
hope, love,
compassion, forgiveness,
work, belonging,
fear, letting go,

Intimate things: Light-within,
love, passion,
courage, fear,
joy, sou

We are always in relationship
Life is in relationship. You are in relationship. As such, we are in relationship with that which is intimate and that which is ultimate at all times. LivingIntentionally™ will come from the harmonizing of these two relationships.

When you are in relationship with the intimate AND the ultimate, interesting things start to happen:

  • We slow down.
  • We see complex things simply.
  • The truth (our truth) becomes apparent
  • and the conversations you have - matter.
  • You become very grounded in the present.
  • Joy, Peace, Clarity, Vision




Intimacy /Ultimacy is the key to LivingIntentionally™

How do you get there?

  • Quiet the mind
  • Listen for the sound that is not a sound
  • Let in the relationship
  • Be with the dichotomy of intimate and ultimate things
  • Seek the space between



"Bring forth the
silence so that
you may hear
the sound that
is not a sound
-a voice
-a pulse
-an awareness
-a lick of god
-a message
-the breath
of god."

~Matthew Rochte


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