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LivingIntentionally™ Model© Element: Simplify

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LivingIntentionally Model© Element: Simplify

Bring it down to basics

Often it is simplicity that creates the space to allow the question that needs to be asked is formed..

Slow down, take it in, clear the space, clear the energy, clear the mind

What is left?
What is important?
What is at the core of the situation, issue, person?
Where do I need to look?




Note: To get to simple and to answer those questions, you must slow down, be present, be connected to the Intimate and Ultimate and you have to be truthful. As with all elements of this model each element works best in conjunction or relationship the other four elements. What is simplicity in absence of these others?



Ockham's Razor

In both simplicity and truth telling there is an element of Ockham's Razor

Ockham's Razor is the principle proposed by William of Ockham in the fourteenth century: ``Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate'', which translates as ``entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily''. Or in layman’s terms – “Keep it Simple



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