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Vol 1 No 1, Mid-March 2002

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What's Next:

Reality Concepts:

My Coaching:

Feeding the Brain:

Where Credit's Due:

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Welcome to Living Intentionally, a newsletter from Matthew Rochte and Navigator Coaching. In each issue you will find:

What's Next: Upcoming events classes, presentations, news articles.
Reality Concepts: Actual client tips and techniques that may apply to you.
My Coaching: Why Navigator Coaching? What's coaching all about? My style.
Feeding The Brain: Recommendations for reading, exploring and having fun.
Where Credit Is Due: My opportunity to thank people publicly.

Feel free to share and pass along this newsletter to all of your friends and colleagues. Address any comments or topic suggestions to Newsletter@WorkingIntentionally.com

Enjoy the first issue.

Matthew Rochte, Navigator Coach

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  • What's Next:
  • Jump Start the Spring starts Thursday, March 21st 6:00 at the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee. Jump Start the Spring is a four week program designed to take advantage of the changing of the seasons, new spring goals, and group coaching. By combining intention plus attention, "cleaning house," and the co- created environment of support and accountability - significant progress can be made to achieve the goal / life you want. Changes will happen more smoothly, rapidly, and solidly and lead people to living the life they want.

    This Jump Start the Spring course will be intense, a lot of work, fun, thought provoking, and most likely life changing. If you have questions, please contact Matthew @ 414- 486-6259 during business hours to discuss the course or coaching.

    Who is the target audience for this class?

    • People who are ready to make major changes in their life.
    • People who are ready to commit to change.
    • People who want to live in the present and future.
    • People who are able to be fully accountable to themselves and others.
    • People who are willing to listen as well as share.
    Who will not be served well by this program?
    • People who are looking for a "support" group.
    • People who live in the past.
    • People who really need to go to therapy.
    • People who are resistant to change.
    • People who will not take responsibility for their life.
    This Jump Start the Spring program may be full when you call. I will arrange to run this program again at another location in April if there is interest. Cost is $79 per person for the four week class. Payments accepted V/MC/Paypal/checks.

  • Reality Concepts:

  • How are you treating life today?

    If the above statement didn't make your mind tilt slightly to the left - reread it. It is important to the reality concept we are going to discuss today.

    Last week I stopped asking people "How's life treating you, Bob?"

    I now say "Bob, how are you treating life?"

    Although the words are the same, the order and therefore the meaning have very different implications. We are talking about a paradigm shift from the environment affecting you to a bolder/ stronger viewpoint of you affecting the environment. This new position is one of taking responsibility. That is what coaching to Live Intentionally is all about.

    This shift in my greeting happened recently after I was reintroduced to quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, "The ancestor to every action is a thought." What we truly believe and think manifests in our actions. This concept, combined with the reframing of a situation, forms the basis for many coaching techniques. In the next issue of Reality Concepts we will address this circle of thought and action more closely.

    Application Time:
    "How are you treating life?" This little question has so much power. As a coach, I have found that the response tells me instantly what state of mind someone is really in. It also tells me what impact they are having on their own situation and how much control they have in their life. It is not meant just to change the standard greeting, but it is meant to provoke and reframe the way we interact with the world.

    How are YOU treating life?
    What do you think about your answer?
    How do you want to be treating life?
    What would life look like if you chose differently?

  • My Coaching:
  • Why Navigator Coaching?

    I see my role as a coach as being a personal navigator for people on the journey of life. I act as a catalyst. By partnering with you to sift through life overload and determining your strengths, needs, values, and mission in life - you create and live a life of choice, a life you want.

    I am the navigator, the chart maker, the guide to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. You are the pilot, the captain of the ship. You are building, creating, and sailing toward the life you want.

    Coaching is about what you want as the incredibly resourceful, naturally creative and whole person that you are. Coaching is not about what I want. Your journey is unique and at your sole discretion.

    All along your journey, through the use of the coaching conversation, I transfer the art of what I am doing as a coach - to you:

    • How to set the course according to your true values and beliefs.
    • How to trim the sails to the attitude you want in life.
    • How to chart the path to take you to the destinations where you really want to be.

    What journey is your life on? What strengths and values do you have to guide you along the way? What kind of life do you want to live? How do you want to get there? What will you do when you get there? What comes next?

  • Feeding the Brain:
  • How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci:
    Seven Steps to Genius Everyday by Michael J. Gelb
    A must read for explorers of all kinds. Fantastic eye opener and brain stimulator. Some consider DaVinci to be the most gifted person in history. Was it a gift or a skill? Discover several mind opening concepts, habits, and tools to make you start thinking and dreaming like never before.

  • Where Credit's Due:
  • A Thank You goes out to Jump Start The New Year Participants. What great fun! I look forward to the Jump Start Recharge in May. Thank You First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee for providing the space and time to test drive this well received program.

    A Thank You goes out to Rochelle Melander, Wendy Terwelp, Jo Hawkins Donovan, Linda Barkwill and Aleta Norris for including me in the Amazing Woman Day! activities of March 9th. What a fantastic group of people both in the audience and the panel.

    A big Thank You goes out to all of the subscribers of this newsletter. As my way of saying thanks, check out the newsletter section of my website to get some free coaching tools - The Clean Sweep tm Program and my version of the Wheel of Life tool.

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