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Vol 1 No 2, Late-April 2002

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Welcome to Living Intentionally, a newsletter from Matthew Rochte and Navigator Coaching.

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Living Intentionally is a week late this month because I was considering what impact I wanted this month's book to have on this newsletter. The book is Turning To One Another; simple conversations to restore hope to the future by Margaret J. Wheatley and I have decided that it is very relevant and timely. . The topic of the book is conversation and what happens when we have the courage to engage in conversation.

In the continuing theme of Living Intentionally, I think this an excellent pairing with last month's topic about how your interaction with the world/life/the environment impacts your own life. This is often the first step to Being Present. So this month we are adding another piece to Living Intentionally - Conversation.

"Conversation is the natural way we human beings think together"
Margaret Wheatley

I want to share with you an experience I had a few weekends back when I combined these two ideas - Being Present and Conversation. I went to St. Louis with 310 youths (13-18) and their advisors (chaperones) for a church youth conference. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of the year for me.

I came to the conference with just one thought - Stay Incredibly Curious. As a result, the conversations with both the adults and the youth were expanding in nature. We spoke about our passions, life, and beliefs - not idle chit chat. Every encounter was a growth experience.

(As an aside, I want to say that youth always amaze me. They are incredibly curious, thoughtful, and puzzling people. They don't have their walls made of stone yet. They and their beliefs are still amenable to change. They want to engage, if given the opportunity and on their terms. What an ideal scenario to be present and engage in conversation.)

"We can't be creative if we refuse to be confused"
Margaret Wheatley

I would love to share two experiences from that weekend that rang true with me. The first was an experience of Being Present. 3-year-old Noelle, the daughter of my host family, found me to be the world's greatest jungle gym and back slide. This was not what I had in mind when I volunteered for the conference. I did not know what to do. Then I shifted my thinking and become present and curious. I realized that what was going on with Noelle had nothing to do with WHAT I was doing but rather WHO I was being. She was interacting from where she was at and with who I was with her, not what I was doing. I chose to BE PRESENT with her. We had a delightful time.

"What is my unique contribution to the whole?"
Margaret Wheatley - conversation starter.

The second incident was with a young musician. This was an experience of what happens when you engage in conversation rather than just talking. The young man was extremely talented with the guitar and piano. Everyone wanted him to play pop or favorite songs and he willingly obliged but seemed to hold back. In listening and sensing who he was, I decided to ask him. "What do YOU WANT to play?" He stopped talking and fidgeting and looked directly at me and said "No one has ever asked me that before." So I asked again. There was a palpable pause and then came forth this absolutely beautiful and sensual guitar solo straight from the heart. We were all stunned. His earlier playing was good however, this was amazing. I asked what the piece was. He replied "I wrote it, but I have never performed it. . . Thank you for asking me what I wanted to play - I don't think I would have played it otherwise." With that he floated off to join his friends who were surprised that he was hovering 6 inches off the ground. Amazing things happen when you listen and engage people in a conversation from the heart. Conversations are not always about words.

Both of these experiences are about Being Present / in the moment and both are about Conversation. Conversation starts when you are there and ready to listen. Amazing things can occur. Be Present, Stay Curious, Listen.

Join the Conversation.

~ Matthew Rochte, Navigator Coach

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  • My Coaching:
  • The Conversation of YOUR Life

    Coaching is a conversation. It is not an ordinary conversation. It is in fact a very specific conversation and method of communicating that evokes excellence in others.

    Coaching to me is about having the most powerful conversion of your life! A conversation about YOU! You and your life to be are the topics. What are your needs? What are your values? What do you want in life? What are your dreams? How are we going to get you there?

    What would it be like to have someone in your corner who truly understands you. Someone who is there to support you in your evolution personally and professionally to living life well, today. That is what the coaching conversation is all about.

    What journey is your life on? What strengths and values do you have to guide you along the way? What kind of life do you want to live? How do you want to get there? What will you do when you get there? What comes next?

  • Reality Concepts:
  • Today's Reality Concept is a big one:

    Are you becoming someone you respect?

    This is one of many of the powerful questions posed in Margaret Wheatley's Turning To One Another. It really struck a chord with what coaching toward integrity and living life intentionally are all about?

    Further questions to ask yourself, your group of friends, or your coach:

    What does it mean to respect someone?
    What qualities does someone you respect have to have?
    Which of these qualities are you in line with?
    Who do you need to become to become someone you respect?
    What do you think about your answer?
    What do you want to do about that?
    What would life look like if you chose to become someone you respect?
    How will you know you are someone you respect?

    Start the conversation.

  • What's Next:
  • New Programs and Opportunities

    Group Coaching! I have had many people ask me if I do group coaching. After seeing the power of working in group format both in coaching and in Conversation Circles, I am excited to announce that yes, Group Coaching! will launch in June.

    Here is an opportunity to experience the coach conversation. Come join a diverse group of 5-8 individuals from across the country to share the coaching conversation experience. This group will meet regularly for an hour twice a month via my teleconference bridge line.

    This is a great opportunity to see coaching and the power conversation at its best. Not only will you have the strength of the coaching partnership you will have the focus and attention of other professionals to support you in your rapid growth.
    For more information goto www.navigatorcoaching.com/group.html

    Personal Foundations Teleclass will begin in July! This class is for anyone who wants a high quality, consistently successful and fulfilling life. Your Personal Foundation is the underpinning of your life.

    As part of this teleclass you'll be supported to:

    • Look honestly at your life for what's working and what's not
    • Identify the priorities for creating the life you want
    • Begin using tools and techniques to implement changes
    • Learn to ask for help where you need it
    • Celebrate wins -- big and little -- as they happen

    This class is for anybody who:

    • Wants a smoother and easier life
    • Is willing to stretch themselves and reach for the higher stars
    • Does not want to struggle and believes that it is possible

    Take part in this 12 week teleclass to strengthen your foundation and accomplish MORE with less effort. We will meet over 12 Tuesday evenings from 7.30 - 8.30 CST. The cost of the course is $600. Included in the course is the 130 page Personal Foundations Workbook as well as two half hour one on one coaching sessions to support your development. If you sign up and pay in full before June 1st your cost is only $450. Current Coaching clients - your cost is $200.
    For more information goto www.navigatorcoaching.com/perfound.html

  • Feeding the Brain:
  • Turning to One AnotherTurning To One Another:
    simple conversations to restore hope to the future

    by Margaret J. Wheatley
    Want to start having real conversations with people?- get this book!
    Currently this book seems to be only readily available at Amazon - click on the image or the link buy it through Amazon.com

    Here are some questions, conversation starters, and beliefs that Wheatley offers that resonated deeply with me and I hope you as well:

    "Are you becoming someone you respect?"

    "Do you feel a vocation to be fully human?"

    "The cure for dispair is not hope. It's discovering (and conversing about) what we want to do about something we care about."

  • Where Credit's Due:
  • A Thank You goes out to Jump Start the Spring Participants. What a great class. Thank You again, First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, for providing the space and time for this program.

    A big Thank You goes out to new subscribers of Living Intentionally. As my way of saying thanks, I have provided some free coaching tools at the newsletter section of the website. http://www.NavigatorCoaching.com/newsletter/index .html

    • The Clean Sweep tm Program
    • my version of the Wheel of Life tool.
    • Personal Foundation Poster - 10 paths for personal foundation.

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