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Vol. 1 No 3, Late-June 2002

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Welcome to Living Intentionally,
a newsletter from Matthew Rochte and Navigator Coaching.

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Living Intentionally welcomes the Summer with open arms. Wow! What an amazing year this is! I wish for you the joy that I have right now. This past month and a half has been packed full of exciting and interesting conversation, traveling, discovery and moving.

To begin with - I have made a major life/career decision. I have moved and I am now living in the vibrant, engaging, and dynamic city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I moved-in this past weekend. This move was the easiest, smoothest, on-purpose, and on- track move that I have ever made in my life.

"Why Minneapolis?" or "What prompted that?"

The short but true answer: - This is where my life told me to go.

Part of what Living Intentionally is all about is listening to what your life is telling you. To hear this, one needs to be present to their life. For me, this has been a year of living in the present moment. For those who knew before 2001, they knew me as a moving target and living in the future. I no longer live in the future. As for the past, I never lived in the past.

To live in the present was a challenge at first, but the rewards have so exceeded the my wildest expectations. I feel grounded, focused and on- purpose. I am aware of so much more in life and I enjoy life, so much more.

So, when my life physically, mentally, and spiritually said to check out Minneapolis - I did. Within 15 minutes of driving through the town back in April, I knew instinctively that I had found "home." It was time to move.

My New Contact Information:

Matthew Egan Rochte
Navigator Coaching
415 N 1st St. Ste. #306
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 332-1642

This is the view of the Minneapolis Skyline at night
from my couch in my new abode

~ Matthew Rochte, Navigator Coach

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  • What's Next:
  • REMINDER: Class Begins July 9th!

    Personal Foundations Program Teleclass

    I am really excited about facilitating/teaching this upcoming personal development class. I know first hand how effective it has been to so many people. It has stretched and enhanced the lives of almost all who take it. I know it did for me. I hope you will join me for the class starting July 9th!

    What IS a Personal Foundation?
    A Personal Foundation is the underpinning of your life. It is the platform from which you build your business and your relationships. This class is for anyone who understands the value of strengthening themselves to accomplish more with less effort. All of us who want to live a meaningful life must have a strong Personal Foundation, so we can afford to look up at the stars instead of down at our feet.
    Just as your house needs a strong foundation to support both its weight as well as to withstand the harsh elements of nature, so do humans need what's called a Personal Foundation. There are 25 components in a strong Personal Foundation, which are explored in this course.

    Here are 5 of the 25 elements:
    · Strong Boundaries (your natural ability/skill to say no, filters to protect oneself from outside pressures)
    · A Reserve of Everything (meaning that you consistently have extra time, money, space, opportunities)
    · Absence of Tolerations (meaning that you don't put up with anything....)
    · Clear Values (meaning priorities, qualities, interests, that you've chosen, on which you've based your life)
    · Needs Fully Met (meaning both your physical human and your emotional needs are completely satisfied)

    Why is a Personal Foundation so very important?
    Anyone who intends to have (or already has) a high quality, consistently successful and fulfilling life needs a strong foundation, just as a skyscraper needs a much deeper/stronger foundation than does a shopping mall. The higher you want to build your life, the stronger your foundation needs to be. Otherwise, you put your structure at unnecessary risk.

    What differences will I see in my own life?
    1. You'll Feel Terrific. You will feel much, much better about yourself because you've gotten to know what is most important to you.
    2. You'll have Much more Self-confidence. Your self- confidence will increase because you've laid the groundwork for a major leap in your life quality.
    3. You'll have an Extremely Strong Network. You will meet people who are as committed to themselves as you are to you.
    4. You'll Attract More. Others will be attracted to you and respectful of you because your standards have been raised.
    5. You'll find that Life's Incredibly Easy. Life will get much easier because you've stopped tolerating.
    6. You'll find that Goals Are Reached Much More Quickly. You'll set better, more easily reachable goals for yourself because you'll know and honor your top values.

    Major Course Elements
    As a group we'll dig into each of the core areas of your foundation, focusing on the process of developing a strong Personal Foundation so that YOUR life improves as you learn to teach this process to your clients. 10 of these core areas include:
    · Define success on your terms
    · Raise your standards.
    · Orient around your values
    · Clarify your requirements and desires
    · Finish your unfinished business
    · Honor your boundaries
    · Get your personal needs met
    · Build reserves in all areas
    · Identify and reduce tolerations
    · Handle the money, completely

    The Personal Foundations Teleclass will run for 12 Tuesdays July 9-Sept 24th 6:30-7:30 CDT and will be held on my bridgeline. Included in the course is the 130 page Personal Foundations Workbook. You will also receive two half hour one-on-one coaching sessions to support your development. What a great deal! If you would like more information you can go to my website at http://www.navigatorcoaching.com/perfound.html

    The Cost is ONLY $429. (Current Clients - your cost is only $200) Register Now! (612) 332-1642 or email me at PF@Navigator Coaching.com

    I would love for you to join the class

    For more information goto www.navigatorcoaching.com/perfound.html


  • Reality Concepts:
  • Moving Away From vs. Moving Toward

    This month's Reality Concepts section is about moving, however moving of a different kind. - moving away from and moving toward.

    Have you ever moved to someplace that you really wanted to be?
    Or to a job/career that you really wanted to be in?
    What was that like?

    Have you ever moved to someplace where you didn't want to be?
    or accept a job which really didn't fit or you really didn't like?
    What was that like?

    What is different about these two scenarios? What is different about the outcomes, your attitude, your well-being, and your spirit?

    Let me create a scenario here of moving away from vs moving towards.

    Take coffee for example. I decide one day that I really have to stop drinking this coffee. So I stand up and move away from the coffee. I go to the other side of the table and guess what. I see the coffee still on the table. Ok, I get up and move away from the coffee again and sit on the sofa. Again, I still see the the coffee. I can spend all day moving away from the coffee. I can complain about the coffee, I can bemoan my lack of motivation to get beyond it, extoll the evils of coffee, express my dissatisfaction, I can get mad at myself, and every time I do that, I bring the coffee back into view. We can forever circle the coffee if we are trying to move away from it. We can do this all week, all month, all year, all our lives - as long as I am moving away from the coffee it will still be there and present in my life.

    Now, what if instead of moving away from the coffee, I choose to go out for tea at the corner teashop? I am going to start moving toward the tea at the teashop. I choose to get out of my seat where the coffee is and move toward the door. The coffee is still there but I am going toward the door. I open the door and go down the stairs in the direction toward the tea shop. Each step I take brings me one step closer to the tea shop and one farther from the coffee - I am now moving in a direction not a circular path.

    As the tea shop gets closer I start to notice the flower boxes in the neighborhood and think about the wonderful scones and tea at the tea shop. My pace picks up. As the tea shop comes into view, I find that I am smiling. I chat with people along the way. I discover a new bakery and a florist along the way.

    While I was moving away from the coffee all of my focus was on that object, thought, deed, action, person, that I was moving away from. Moving away from can consume a person.

    While I was moving toward something - new awarenesses and opportunities expand and present themselves.

    Now, Imagine the same scenario, but replace the word "coffee" with job, house, partner, debt, a broken TV, friends, weight, etc.? What do you see?


  • My Coaching:
  • This moving toward is a major component of my coaching. Part of what I do as a coach is to assist you in finding a destination in life, your career, goals, etc. that is so attractive to you that it pulls you toward it. So that you get on the path of moving toward the life you want.

    When you do something by choice and that choice is aligned by who you are at the core - What happens?What goes on inside? What happens around you? Are you still reacting to life or are you responding to it?

    Living intentionally is about responding to life and "living it deeply." (to borrow from Theraux)

  • Feeding the Brain:
  • Most of the reading that I have have been doing in the past two months have been coaching and Twin Cities focused with the exception of two.

    The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz; 138pages - a quick read in the bathroom.

    I recommend this book with a caveat. It is a a little fluffy in the beginning but the meat of the book is good stuff. Ruiz pulls the marketing angle of ancient mystics/ cultures a la Celestine Prophecy. Ruiz however, gets down to business once he starts discussing the four agreements.

    Though the Four Agreements seem simple; They are very well crafted and build upon each other. It is deceptive how powerful the combination becomes.

    1) Be Impeccable With Your Word
    2) Don't Take Anything Personally
    3) Don't Make Assumptions
    4) Always Do Your Best

    I love #1. The word IMPECCABLE is precise. According to Ruiz, in Latin impeccable means to be without sin. And Sin, in Latin, means to do harm to oneself. "Being Impeccable is not going against yourself. When you are impeccable, you take responsibility for your actions, but you do not judge or blame yourself." p31.

    I suggest that if you think you will get detoured from this book by the mystical aspects - skim the intro and jump right into the agreements.

    If only the people of the world would live by these simple, yet profound Four Agreements

  • Where Credit's Due:
  • I want to start by thanking my new nephew, Nicolas Alexander Fenzl Rochte for bringing joy, uniqueness, innocence, and family into the lives of my brother Tim and his wife Petra. May they rejoice in Nicolas' discovery of the world.

    I've attended two conferences in the past two months. The ICF European Coaching Conference in Sitges, Spain as well as the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in Quebec City. What I realized and actualized at these conferences was that my experience directly correlated to who I was being. I went to both with the twin objectives of engaging in the conversation (see last newsletter), and listening to and learning from what others were willing and wanting to share. Thank you all for your gifts of time, knowledge and sharing.

    Thank you to all who have made my move and transition to Minneapolis effortless, a joy, and rewarding. Thank you to all who came to wish me well in person, in spirit, and in thought. I love you all.

    I want to thank the new clients I started working with these two months in the midst of my travels as well as those who have been with me for a while. You are a joy to work with and I love being with you.

    Treat the Summer Well

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