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Matthew Rochte, Navigator Coach
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Vol. 2 No 1, Mid-August 2003

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Welcome to LivingIntentionally, a newsletter from Matthew Rochte and WorkingIntentionally ™, a life leadership coaching company.

LivingIntentionally is the holistic side of WorkingIntentionally ™, and will delve into topics about being human by challenging and expanding our perspective.

~ Matthew Rochte, Life Leadership Coach

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What's Next: Upcoming News/Events/Programs.
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There have been several changes in the past 6 months, not the least of which has been the corporate change in name and direction. Read more on our website and below in the My Coaching Section.






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  • What's Next:

    (aka Integrity Days) The new academic year is just around the corner and people are getting ready for the fall. Cleaning out their office, getting summer photographs into albums, finding the table again. Come join with others on the similar missions and have some fun with it. This is dedicated time to GET STUFF DONE, so that you have more time to have some FUN! Its free!

    Weds Afternoon 27th of August 12-4pm CST
    Sat Morning 30th of August 8-12am CST

    Drop me a line to let me know you are interested and are coming. integritydays@matthewrochte.com

    For more information check out http://www.workingintentionally.com/integritydays.htm

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  • Reality Concepts:
  • What the Bees See
    - or -
    BEEing Intentional

    Have you ever really looked into a flower – to see a flower’s awesome power, majesty, and aliveness?

    I am greeted today with a triumphant horn of purple and magenta boldly inviting the universe of light to come in to the sanctum of soft white grandeur. I feel inspired, at peace, delighted and awed by my morning visitor. I feel blessed to be permitted to view such a sacred beauty and what so few humans ever take the time to see. My charming host is a morning glory; aptly named in my opinion.

    You may be wondering by now, why am I writing to you about a flower. Well, it has to do with BEing, a cornerstone to living intentionally. It also has to do with BEEing which I credit my colleague Bernie Saunders for introducing me to last month. You see, Bernie has been author, a teacher, a coach & business consultant to the Fortune 100 for nearly 30 years, but most of all he is an artist. He fervently believes that everyone is an artist and you won’t convince him otherwise.

    Bernie was at a professional and spiritual crossroads a couple of years back and chose to follow his youth time passion of photography to see where it would take him. It took him to the neighborhood gardens, where he was invited to spend the summer to take photographs. All of his shots were taken in natural lighting with no extreme measure to capture the image. What he captured were moments of grace that the flowers shared with him. “This is what the bee sees,” his wife remarked upon viewing them. His work has become the instrument for reflective questioning process called the Soul of Flowers, a program that I took part in July.

    In my new location I am inspired daily to engage and go for walks around the neighborhood, Lake Harriet, and the Minnehaha Parkway. One morning, shortly after I had seen Bernie’s show, I grabbed my camera and set out to follow his lead. I started taking snaps of this and that only to review them and toss them out – they were just pictures of flowers. Midway through my walk though I found this white flowered bush by the rose garden. The bush was being actively visited by bumblebees. “How apropos,” I thought as I started to take shots. However, every shot that I took ended up fuzzy and less than what I had expected.

    AH! There was the key – I was expecting. God doesn’t work that way. I then remembered what Bernie had said to me – he had felt privileged by the invitation of the flowers to photograph it. He did not shoot unless invited to do so.

    What an amazing approach! I realized that I was trying to take or to steal their majesty. If I wanted to celebrate their glory, I would have to shift who I was BEing - move away from taking to sharing / being / giving / honoring.

    I relaxed, quelled my fear of the bee by shifting it to appreciation and curiosity, zoomed in close and put the camera an inch away from the flower and bee. When the bee was ready and flower was ready the image would appear.

    Click . . . Click . . .

    Upon review of the shots I could plot my attachment to the outcome – those all ended up fuzzy or of nothing. However, those shots taken when I honored, appreciated, and remained curious – Viola.

    Bumblebee polinating white flowers BEing with the BEE

    Click on image to see larger image

    How does this apply to your environment? What does it say about how we interact with the people in our life? What would it be like if we surrendered to the beauty instead of trying to possess it? Go out for a walk to see what the bees see. How can you bring that into your environment - or how can your environment bring that to you?

    If you want some coaching around this give me a call.

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  • My Coaching:
  • Hello WorkingIntentionally

    WorkingIntentionally is a leadership coaching company. We specialize in working with leaders of small businesses to move from thinking of leadership as the right things to say or to do, but instead think of leadership as who you are BEing.

    Leadership is simple, though not necessarily easy.

    I work best with company owners and executives who are too smart for their own good. They quite often have hit a brick wall or are going through growing pains with their company and leadership style. I help them find clarity and intention to what they are doing and who they are BEing. Together, we discover who they are so that they can come to leadership from a standpoint of alignment and integrity.

    Leaders know who they are. They speak about what they believe. Lastly, they make happen and do what they say & believe.

    Its the alignment of those things that creates followership, which is really the core to leadership.

    Who would you follow?


    Call me 612-332-1642 Lets bring some clarity into your life.

    Surf the website to find out more.

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  • Feeding the Brain:
  • You want a book that will shake you up?

    The book I have in mind begins with a man in his 40s who is struggling over a newspaper ad that he found in the morning’s paper.

    Teacher Seeks Student
    Must have an intense desire
    to save the world

    The man, after much angst (Where was this person 20 yrs ago when I was looking him?), finds himself in an abandoned warehouse for the interview only to find a big leather chair, a book shelf with a few books, a wall of windows, and funky smell in the air. After waiting around a bit he approaches the glass and looks in. His gaze is met with two very big eyes looking back at him – they are not human – they belong to a gorilla. At which point the gorilla communicates “Yes, I am a gorilla, why don’t you have a seat and lets talk.”.

    The book is Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. I read this book five years ago and was blown away. Recently it has resurfaced repeatedly in my conversations. It has even found its way into my coaching calls. It is book about illusions, it is about control, it is about the stories we tell and those that we are told.

    I found the common thread to my conversations while I was writing the above article about BEEing. It struck me when I wrote the words “take” a picture. I had shifted into taker mode. I believed that I was in control.

    Ishmael is about changing the way we think. It certainly shook up my world view. Ishmael challenges the great myth that we all live under, what "mother culture" teaches us, what we will die defending, but is only a myth. I no longer see the world the same way. I have discovered that I never want to go back to my old ways of thinking.

    This book planted the seeds to my own transformation two years later and to my choice of profession – coaching – helping people change the way they think and view the world. Daniel Quinn speaks of the New Renaissance – perhaps this is the beginning.

    As I have recommended this book I have notices some reading guidelines are appropriate.

    1) ATTENTION: All those power readers and skimmers – LISTEN UP!DO NOT ZOOM THROUGH THIS BOOK! Read this book one chapter at a time. Stop. Ponder, Reflect, Let it sink in (I ended up reading it one chapter a week over several Sundays after I had tried to zoom through it and was left totally confused).

    2) Some people have difficulty with the story’s protagonist (a gorilla who communicates through telepathy) – Roll with it, suspend your disbelief, suspend your certainty. How can you possibly learn to think differently from people who think and act just like you.

    Dare to change you mind
    Read ISHMAEL

    Available at amazon.com - may be available at half.com

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  • Where Credit's Due:
  • To list all of the people who have entered into my life since the last newsletter would be longer than this email is already. Thank you for stepping forth, connecting, challenging, and supporting me.

    To all of those who responded to my email about needing to move. I thank you - the process was delightful and an insightful experience. It brought great clarity as to what exactly I was looking for which allowed it to come into my life. Thank you.

    I want thank all those who have attended the first year of D.A.N.C. gatherings. It has been a great pleasure to share and grow with you.

    Thank you

    Bernie Saunders for the impetus for the above article and sharing your beautiful soul and those of the flowers with the world.
    Minnesota Coaches Association for embracing me and pulling me forth and for being the resource which it is.
    Thought Leader Gatherings for embracing, challenging, expanding and simply jiggling my mind.

    Be Well & Treat Life Well Today!

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