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Matthew Rochte, Navigator Coach
Living Intentionally tm
The BEing side of WorkingIntentionally™,
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Vol. 3 No 1, April 2004

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Reality Concepts:

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Engage the Soul
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Call for your very own thought provoking relationship


Engage the Soul at Work


Welcome to LivingIntentionally, a newsletter from Matthew Rochte and WorkingIntentionally ™, a life leadership coaching company.

LivingIntentionally is the holistic side of WorkingIntentionally ™, and will delve into topics about being human by challenging and expanding our perspective.

~ Matthew Rochte, Life Leadership Coach

In every issue:
What's Next: Upcoming News/Events/Programs.
Reality Concepts: Tips & Techniques.
My Coaching: Who/What/How
Feeding The Brain: Current Readings/Interests
Where Credit Is Due: Public Thank-Yous.


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  • What's Next:
  • There have been many a change in the past 18 months, and the most profound in the past 6. The Website has been relaunched with a new vision and purpose - I hope you enjoy the direction I am taking. For those who received the post card announcing the new website on April 15th, I apologize for the dely.



    For the most current stuff goinging through my noggin -
    check out my new BLOG

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  • Reality Concepts:
  • Poems this time.

    My poems seems to deal with nature and the messages that it sends me. The first was written after a first and only date with a woman late last summer

    Dropping of Acorns
    What kind of relationship exists between a man
    who listens for the dropping of acorns and the singing of frogs
    with a woman
    who does not hear the awesome THUD of nature calling.

    THUD . . .
    THUD . . . a quick look around

    she continues talking

    THUD . . .
    THUD . . .
    a knowing, a recognition, a smile

    What are you smiling at? she says perturbed.

    Nature is Calling!
    Nature is What? was her response

    The Acorns
    What Acorns?

    They are falling
    What are falling?

    The acorns all around us
    THUD. . .
    THUD. . .
    THUD. . .

    I don't hear them

    I think thats the point

    ~Matthew Rochte 2003

    Written after a Thought Leader Gathering

    Bring Forth the Silence
    ~slowing down to the speed of life
    Bring forth the silence
    so that you may hear the sound
    that is not a sound
    -a voice
    -a pulse
    -an awareness
    -a lick of god
    -a message
    -the breath of god.

    ~Matthew Rochte 2003

    I have been writing poems in my BLOG lately.
    I did some Haiku last week.

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  • My Coaching:
  • WorkingIntentionally is working with business people, mostly men, to make work fun again by being intentional about their work, engaging their soul, going deeper, and playing which results in clarity and authenticity of their work, growth of their business, peace of mind, and a sense of being "in the zone"

    Working - Getting things done - goals, production
    Intentionally - guided by lifeforce, sanctioned by soul, driven by spirit

    WorkingIntentionally - Aligning the work that needs to be done in a way that honors your soul / lifeforce's message.

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  • Feeding the Brain:
  • You want a book that will wake you up?


    by the Arbinger Institute

    I rarely read books more than once. This book is different. I have read it three times and each time with entirely new eyes.

    When I first we recommended this book in early 2002 I was literally offended. I hated the title. What does this have to do with me. Etc. Leadership And Self Deception - I mean - Come on, give me a break. It took nearly a year before I read it and I only did so because Arbinger was coming to the Twin Cities. So I read it and loved and instanly thought of 10 people who should read this book. And then I left it on the shelf. Another year passes.

    When I took the Bigger Game workshop last Fall, the only required reading was this book. I'm going - "huh, thats interesting, I thought it was good - but why is this the only required reading." I am not one to write in books. I found myself writing on every single page! WOW - such a deeper level.

    Through my work with this material I have radically changed my relationships with my brother - night and day difference, parents, friends, colleagues. It is truly amazing and now I have found ways that it ties into the Thought IS reality model.

    I love the material and think that it is so powerful that I am currently in Arbinger training program to work with this material with my clients.


    Available at amazon.com

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  • Where Credit's Due:
  • This is the section of the newsletter where I give thanks and give credit where it is due.

    Thank You to Life

    I am a happy uncle again. I now have a 4 month old niece name Katharine Savannah. Such a delight! Thank you Tim & Petra for encouraging me to be a part of Nicolas' and Katharine's life. It means a lot to me.

    Thank you DREAM TEAM, my four coach power Fall&Winter. Jon Benfer, Clive Prout, Jan Berg, Barbara McAfee. Amazing work you all have done with me. To read more goto My Coaches section on the new website.

    Thank You Apollo Male Chorus for bringing male choral singing back into my life.

    Thank you Patricia & Craig Neal of the Heartland Institute for bringing me into the leaders circle and inviting me into your home.

    Be Well & Treat Life Well Today!

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