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What is Play?

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What is play?

Play is a State of Mind

Play is a state of wonder

Play is a state of curiosity ~ curiosità

Play is a state of awe

Play is a state of connection

Play brings:




Play is about:

Learning, discovering, building knowledge not information, application, and experimentation.

Freedom to fail (what ever happened to freedom to fail - how else to do we learn?). and to try again. The greatest minds in history have always also been fantastic failures, but it was through those failures that they learned as Edison put it "one more element that doesn't make a light bulb."

Connection and Reflection

Vitruvian Man - Leonardo DaVinci
Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

Leonardo was
a man who had insatiable

and a


Play is about LEARNING

Play is about LEARNING. And by learning we are not referring to being taught. We are talking about learning through reflection and connection. Through play we are learning on your own terms, experiencing life first hand, touching, tasting, sensing, and drawing your own connections, and expanding your awareness.




Do you remember when you a child of 5-11 years of age and finding pollywogs in the pond?

Do you remember catching them, putting them in a jar or a terrarium? What was it like? Was it fun?

Why did you catch them?

What did you do with them?

What did you learn/discover*?

What was life like back then?

How did you see the world?

What are you feeling right now as you are recounting these memory?

Well, that is the feeling that play brings to life -

This is what playful learning is about. ~ want to learn more and bring play into your work and life contact us.


In the life cycle
of a frog the
stage between tadpole and
frog where the
legs are coming
out, the tail is
beginning to
shrink. It is truly

Go Deeper


Go Deeper and rediscover Play

What would it be like to have
one PLAY DAY every week?

      • What might you learn?
      • What might you discover?
      • How might it improve your business?

Intrigued? Lets talk



{End note 1: As I've shared this story of the pollywog with some, they lament accidentally killing these baby frogs due to neglect and / or captivity - which many of us can relate to and acknowledge doing as well. Some frogs were lucky to be set free before that happened. - What did we learn from these experiences? - This can be seen both as a exercise in freedom to fail, and as an exercise in discovering the realities of captivity and responsibility, or what it takes to feed a baby frog, etc.}

{End note 2: a point of reflection pointed out to me by my coach when I was writing this page - What if we are the pollywogs in life who are carefree and play and explore their watery environment and then one day placed in a space that wasn't hospitable to play, where play was restricted, where we even forgot how to play? Sound familiar yet? - If it does it is time for us to chat and reawaken the pollywog within to play and be free}

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