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Small Business Leadership Project

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Small Business Leadership Research Project


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The Intentions:

My Intentions with this project are:

  • Build Relationships with Small Business Leaders
  • Network and Connect these leaders with each other
  • Create a space for expansion and learning
  • Research for discovery and validity
  • Share findings with the world



The Project:

project details


I am working on a book about small business leadership - what really works.

Why? Because small businesses are underserved in the realm of leadership books. Most leadership books are written from the perspective of the large corporate giants. In my experience working with executives of small businesses, the challenges and successes of the small business are vastly different from those in the books. For this reason, I am interviewing small business leaders in the Twin Cities about their experiences and thoughts on leading small businesses.


  1. Build Relationships - I want to connect and establish relationships with small business leaders to find the pulse of the Twin Cities. I want to then connect these leaders with each other so that they may learn from each other and see each other as allies.
  2. Research: - Provide material for my book through interviews and perhaps observation about how small business leaders are actually leading.

The Project: Interviews & Relationship Building with Small Business Leaders

Working Titles: Small Business Leadership - What Really Works. -or- So this is leadership?! - or - So I'm a leader, now what? -or - Small Business Leadership Perspectives

Target Interviewees: Owners, CEOs, C-suite, Board Members

Target Company Size: 500 or fewer employees. There are a few leader interviews with larger companies who have navigated and led through the size/growth thresholds (12-25-50-100-250-500-1000 employees etc.)


The Interview:

The Interview: The questions in the interview will explore success and challenges to leading a small business. Having led a small manufacturing firm for seven years I am familiar with the experience. I am also curious about leaders' sources of support (Board of Directors, outside resources, books, training, coaching, consulting, etc.)

Sample Questions: How do you define leadership, from your perspective? Can you think of a time when you were most proud or pleased with your leadership? Who have been your role-models? Are there any special challenges that a small business leader faces in being a good leader?

Interview Length: The interviews have been running around 45 minutes but I ask to reserve an hour to cover enthusiastic responses.


The Book:

Working Titles:

Small Business Leadership - Whats Really Working.

So this is leadership?!

So I'm a leader, now what?

Small Business Leadership Perspectives


How Can You Help

If you know CEOs, Owners, Board Members of small businesses in the Twin Cities that would make good interviewees (both successful and not successful) I would greatly appreciate you either about them or sharing this project with them.




Going Deeper

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