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Research & Development Team

The Research & Development Team (R&D Team) is utizilized to screen alpha & beta material for use in Matthew Rochte & WorkingIntentionally work before it is released to the general public. Often times it will be use editing and flow issues. Other times the R&D Team is used to explore a new path in the business or to bounce a new model or program.

We contact our R&D Team our newsletter service. We use ConstantContact which is the same service we use for the LivingIntentionally Newsletter. The R&D Team is one of the groups you can opt-in to receiving messages.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our R&D Team fill in your email address in the yellow box at the bottom of the page or actually the bottom of any page in the website. When you are forwarded to the newsletter service select R&D Team. Be sure to reply to the message sent out by the service confirming subscription otherwise you will not be included in the mailings.


Function of an R&D Team

What is the function of the R&D Team member?
The R&D Team member has several functions.

  1. To share some of the knowledge they have on the topics we're asking for input on.
  2. The share their life experience related to a topic.
  3. To share their honest opinion and reactions of our idea or project.
  4. To move the project forward in any way they wish.
  5. To caution us if they feel we're going in the wrong direction or approaching from a bad angle.
  6. To frequently encourage and validate us, our thinking and our output; this means a lot.
  7. To elevate our thinking on a topic if theirs is higher, which it often is.



What to Expect on the R&D Team

If you elect to join the R&D Team, here's what you can expect:

  • You will receive between 1 and 5 emails a month asking for input, advice, suggestions, reactions, corrections, strategies, content, quotes and other stuff like that related to ideas and project we are working on.
  • You have the option of responding to these extra emails
  • or not. But please don't join the R&D Team unless you intend to be an active respondant and contribute your brain and creative power to WorkingIntentionally.
  • We generally don't respond on a 1-1 basis to emails/suggestions received by R&D Team Members in response to a request for input. (Sometimes, more emails are received than expected, and while we look at every one, we don't respond.) So, you'll need to have the contribution of your ideas/comments be enough for you.
  • You won't get many strokes from us, even if we end up incorporating your idea or suggestion.

I'm not trying to talk you out of becoming a R&D Team member, but I want you to understand how the flow and exchange works.




Before you decide, here are a couple of important notes...

  1. When you share an idea or strategy, you're letting us use, adapt, incorporate it into stuff we come up with, without attribution.
  2. You may join the R&D Team now, or later if there is room.
  3. R&D Team emails will be sent out through a newsletter management service – currently Constant Contact. Upon signing up for the R&D Team you will receive a confirmation email. You must reply to this email. This is called a double opt-in. It is a current standard for reducing unwanted email. Only you can confirm this email. We cannot manually change settings after you have registered. You will not receive any emails for the R&D Team unless you confirm this email.
  4. The ideas and strategies we present, asking for feedback, are confidential to the R&D Team, until we formally release the product or project.
  5. We may sometimes have special TeleDiscussions for members of the R&D Team related to projects we are working on.
  6. You may unsubscribe at any time. - Click on the safe unsubscribe link on the bottom of every R&D Team message.
  7. PC and Mac users are both welcome and able to fully participate.
  8. It's very likely that I'll be crafting intellectual property by weaving in some of the suggestions, feedback and content shared by team members. I generally share the resources created via input from the R&D Team for free to R&D Team members, at least for a period of time. And, many of these projects / programs / ebooks, etc., will be available commercially (meaning for a fee to the public). Legally, Matthew Rochte & WorkingIntentionally will be the copyright holder/owner of this material. If you are not comfortable with this approach, please do not join the R&D Team at this time.

Interested in being a part of the R&D Team? If so, please fill in your email address in the yellow box below which will then take you to the newsletter membership handling site where you can select R&D Team

Adapted from the R&D Team building material put together for Coachville's R&D Team by Thomas Leonard, used with permission

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