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What do you Believe?

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Editorial Note: To preface this discussion and make ourselves clear - we are not talking about religious evangelism here.

What Do You Believe?

Now you might be thinking this is kind of an odd question to ask. Isn't that a bit personal?

Well yes, and - guess what - if you are a leader, you are a public person. As a public person - what you believe matters and is no longer personal. This is because whether you know it or not and/or whether you want them to or not - people follow what they perceive to be values and beliefs of their leaders. They yearn for people of alignment to lead them.

However, they stop following and start resisting when they sense a disconnect. People want to see and witness alignment



BE-SAY-DO of Alignment


Be-Know who you are and what you believe
Say what you believe
Do what you say

Disconnects occur at any pairing: Not doing what you say. Not being what you say. Not saying what you believe. Not doing what you believe. etc.

When the disconnect occurs - you lose followers because you are not in alignment. This is where issues of trust or in this case distrust start to appear. You might not even know that a) you are out of alignment and b) that people don't trust you - especially if you don't know what you believe - because people make assumptions about what others believe)

Think about that - people make assumptions about what you believe when you don't tell them. Not only that. They make you in their image. We want others to be like us and with absence of evidence we assume allegiance.

This is why it is important to know what you believe and to state it and say it.

But all of this starts with who you are and what you believe.



What do you believe?

What do you believe?

Again, we are not talking about evangelism here. However, our faith systems have often created, established, and maintained our ethical and moral standards and our belief systems and might be a place to look if you find this difficult.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is at the heart of your personal belief system?
  • How do you see people?
  • How do you see the world?
  • What is your role in society?
  • What is the meaning of the work that you are doing?
  • Does the work you do nurture or steal from your soul?
  • What do the people you work for believe?
  • Does your work environment steal from or nurture the souls of those who work their?
  • What do you believe in?
  • What is important - really!?

Do you say any of these thing that you believe?

Are you actions in the world and in the workplace aligned with what you believe?



Come into alignment

Come into alignment with who you are and leadership will become easy. Because when you are out of alignment it will always be a fight at a minimum with yourself and at a maximum your business, your clients, your life.

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